Clay Imprints: The Perfect Baby Keepsake

Funky Pots is the best place in town for producing clay imprints of your baby’s hands and feet. Our staff have over 25 years of collective experience at creating the ultimate keepsake of your baby’s tender years. Funky Pots’ expertise in this area is what makes our clay imprints stand out from the crowd, capturing exceptional details and showcasing them to their full potential. All of our clay imprints come with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Our clay imprints are made by gently pressing your baby’s hands and feet into a piece of clay. Our artists will work the clay to make it soft and pliable (to make the clay more receptive to detail), before rolling it out ready for your baby’s hands and feet.

Jaineeta brought her baby girl Jaya in to our West Bridgford studio for her first set of clay imprints:

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After the baby’s feet have been pressed gently into the clay, our artists will cut the clay to any shape that you would like:

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We then fire the clay for the first time to retain its shape. Then our artists will paint your imprint in any combination of colours that you would like, and then we will glaze and fire the clay for a second time. Here’s what Jaya’s imprint looked like when it came out of the kiln:

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Funky Pots is happy to present your imprints with a beaded hanging loop, or in a frame. Our prices for hand and foot imprints start at £38.00. We can also produce clay imprints that include different people on one piece of clay – so feel free to have handprints of siblings made, or family prints of parents and children.

For more examples of our imprints range, please click here to view the gallery.

For more details and prices, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a quick call on 0115 9811639.


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